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Master workshop in Delbrück

As a master workshop, we use all our knowledge and skills to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Our employees are specially trained and in all areas manufacturer-independent on the latest technology.

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Our workshop services

HU / AU acceptance

We have the main inspection and exhaust emission test carried out directly at our dealership in Delbrück by an external expert. To avoid surprises, we look at your vehicle before the inspection.

Breakdown and accident assistance

In the Delbrück, Paderborn and surrounding areas, we take care of your broken-down or accident-damaged car on site or tow it away safely. We also professionally repair all accident damage in our car workshop. Give us a call.

Inspection & Oil Change

We offer inspections for vehicles of all manufacturers. Our workshop foremen work strictly in accordance with current manufacturer specifications.

Tyres and mounting

We provide you with comprehensive advice on the right choice of tyres. We also change tyres, fit new tyres and store them in our tyre warehouse.

Car glass repair stone chip / windscreen

Stone chips or minor cracks can often be repaired. This saves you having to replace the entire windscreen. As a rule, your comprehensive insurance will cover the costs of such a repair.

Dent removal

Dents and dings on the body are removed piece by piece from the inside with special tools until the original shape is restored. With this method, we can usually recondition the damage without repainting.

Air conditioning maintenance

We offer filling, testing, repair and disinfection of your air conditioning system. This is recommended every two years. Our maintenance includes a pressure loss test and we rid your car’s air conditioning system of odour-intensive and health-threatening bacteria.

Workshop replacement car during repair

If the repair should take longer, we offer you a loaner car. This way you remain mobile and have no restrictions in your everyday life.

Pick-up and delivery service

If you do not have time to bring your vehicle to our workshop, our employees will be happy to collect the vehicle directly from you. Please contact us.

Winter & Holiday Check

Whether it’s a holiday, winter or spring check – we can prepare your vehicle for any season on request. Better a holiday check than a holiday scare.

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